What Are CMS Translation Services?

If you have a business that you are looking to expand internationally, language barriers can be a significant problem. 

For instance, without translations a UK-based firm might be able to expand into Ireland and beyond Europe to countries in the Anglosphere like the US and Australia. But this will still leave large areas of the globe, not least our European neighbours, out of the picture. After all, most people will want to buy from website in their own language, especially if they are largely or wholly monolingual.

The question is how best to go about translating your documents, product information, website details and anything else you need to appear in multiple languages. This is where CMS translation services come in.

CMS stands for content management system. This is a facility that is ordinarily used by content production agencies to load up monolingual content for their clients. In this instance, however, the service will involve translations into whatever other languages are required.

This is achieved by the use both of software and skilled linguists, who can ensure that the automated translation of text from one language into another is accurate and reliable. 

By ensuring that it is and matches up not just words, but the rules of grammar and syntax each language has, it will ensure that those reading translated content will see no difference between it and something originally produced in their mother tongue.

The key point to note is that this is produced by some advanced code and with a lot of development work. The reason for this is that the standard of translation matters. 

Everybody will be familiar with some of the basic internet translation sites. Most search engines offer it, including websites like Babelfish, named after the fish from the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy that feed off language and emit instant translations.

However, the problem with these kinds of sites is they only offer translations of limited quality. This may be fine for checking a word or phrase someone might have uttered to you in a foreign language; but it does not always provide the right syntax or grammar, instead producing something like an attempt at a direct word-for-word translation. 

Given that some languages have terms that do not directly translate into equivalent words in some other languages, this can lead to errors. To someone just trying to quickly look something up, that’s not a big problem, but it may look rather bad on a commercial website, especially when you need a consumer’s trust before they will buy from you.

This is why you need the best kind of CMS translation services, ones that are finely tuned with not just accurate language, but even regional dialect or distinctions between a particular language in various countries – for just as ‘American English’ has its differences from the UK, the same applies with other languages.

All that requires advanced software, but the result will be that as you produce content for your website, it will be accurately translated into other languages to ensure that the exact same standard of communication for all your customers and business partners.

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