Our Commitments

Saving Our Planet

Every time you request a translations service with Global Translations UK, a portion of the profit goes to planting trees.

This is only possible with the great help of our partners, who are helping with the current deforestation and CO2 crisis. Their current projects include Madagascar, Haiti and Kenya where they are partnering up with local communities to plant forests.

Territorial carbon dioxide emissions from the business sector were estimated to be 59.4 Mt in 2020 and accounted for around 18.2% of all carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest drivers of climate change.

Trees are the ultimate way to combat carbon emissions and reverse their negative effects. As they function as a carbon dioxide filter, trapping it and releasing oxygen in return. Their long span (up to 5,000 years) means that the positive impact is evergreen.

One tree sequesters an estimated 0.3t of CO2 over its life span. 

We Plant Trees

With every service purchased, here is what you do:

  • Planting trees help reduces temperature, pollution, regulates rainfalls, reduces flooding and provides shelter.
  • Reducing extreme poverty. Trees provide work, generate income sources and help the local economy.
  • Supporting biodiversity – forestation help species of animals, invertebrates, plants, fungi, lichens and mosses.
  • Reverse deforestation which restores animal habitats, purifies water sources and improves weather patterns.

Locals in Madagascar planting trees

Our Sustainability Policy

Global Translations UK knows our responsibility to protect the environment in which we operate. We commit to improving our environmental performance across all of our business processes, and try to encourage our business partners and those in the wider community to help support this effort.

As a company, we encourage sustainability through the use of recyclable materials when possible, and we try to reduce our negative environmental impact at all times through our corporate sustainability policy.

Hybrid Working

Here at Global Translations UK, we encourage our employees to work from home first. We believe in a hybrid system where our employees have the choice to work from their home or from our office.

Hybrid working can bring significant reductions in fossil fuel use and gas emissions due to less commuting. The lack of commute has a great environmental impact, as it reduces our carbon footprint as a company.

Sustainability in business is also about the well-being of people, our hybrid work system improves staff’s wellbeing. Research shows that implementing a hybrid working system has a positive impact on staff mental health. This data revealed that employees working remotely were 13% more productive.

Helping the Community

We believe in helping our local community in any way we can; social responsibility is a big part of sustainability. Sustainability can be broken down into two main categories: the environment and its people. Global Translations UK understands the responsibility to both.

We have recently sponsored a player in a local football team, Jesmond FC. Our sponsorship provided him with the necessary resources to resume his football journey. Global Translations UK believes in building a better community by helpings its youth and members succeed.

Changing the Industry

The unfortunate truth about the translation industry is that translators across the globe are often underpaid and mistreated. Often receiving 30 to 60 days payment terms, leaving workers to struggle. This unfair treatment is something we are aware of at Global Translations UK. 

Although we are a small business, ethics is at the core of our operations, and we make active efforts to break the negative stigma and mistreatment of translators. We pay our translators on time.  

Together we can put an end to the often-exploitative nature of this industry and work towards a more ethical workforce. 

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