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The gaming industry is one of the most exciting and fastest ever recorded growing sectors. It has become an extremely important and thriving sector across Britain and the world. The industry will continue to grow due to regular technology advancements; there is no limit for gaming companies. New video game platforms have made gaming more accessible.  

Despite the ongoing technological advancements in the industry, gaming companies never reach a limit. Recent developments make the game easier to enjoy.   

Research demonstrates that the average gamer plays video games that they already know. English has been voted as the most spoken language by 375 million people, against 980 million Chinese people. 


Gaming translation and localisation services

Gaming Translation Services

Global Translations UK breaks down language barriers and cultural barriers in an effort to expand your audience through highly specialised game localisation. The creation of personalised gaming content can improve your sales and help you reach a global audience.  

Globally, we are exploring an open field for game providers and international gaming businesses. Our video game translation services provide a competitive edge and can be of great value to international gamers. We’re experts at localising your games into a variety of languages, on time, on budget, with precision and efficiency.  

We firmly believe in our responsibility to provide a first-class service, as well as superb quality translations; which helps us exceed our client’s expectations with a reported 100% customer satisfaction rate. Click here to read what our clients have to say about us.  

Plus, we offer free sample translations on projects over 5,000 words to demonstrate our gold standard quality translations. Contact us now to find out more.  

Game translation services by local translators

Every country has its own culture, with varying cultural heritages. Unfortunately, the translation service will no longer work when it comes to culturally sensitive projects. In this case, choosing a service provider with game localisation services is key.  

Translators are required to possess cultural knowledge, originality, and fluidity in order to deliver what they desire. Our team consists of native speaker professional translators who have extensive experience working for various gaming translation companies. They are passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to gaming translations.  

Global Translation Services UK is your best resource when it comes to international expansion. There is no better partner than Global Translations UK to help with your company’s international development. Our gaming translation and localisation services help you develop specialised products and services and drive your international presence across uncharted territory.  

Mobile apps have an increasing potential to gain international attention in the gaming industry: Take advantage of our world-class Mobile Application Translation Services. Our industry-leadership localisation service ensures content is accessible and relevant across multiple languages and continents. We provide quality translations in various dialect services and regional accents.   

Most importantly, we have a supported performance history, and we’re renowned for the quality and result oriented gaming translation services we provide.   

As an award-winning translation service provider, we’re leading the industry with a ground-breaking service, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.  

We translate and localise:   
  • Board-game content   
  • Game instructions & manuals 
  • Characters dialogue
  • Gaming software
  • Gaming controls and GUIs  
  • Mobile games
  • In-game menus, buttons, and tutorials
  • User reviews
  • Promotional Material
  • Licence agreement
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Mobile app string translation  

Gaming Terminology

The translation of games has seen an unprecedented move from computer games to smartphones in an era of rapid growth worldwide. Performance insights estimate 3 billion mobile gamers across the globe. For gaming fans worldwide, translating games into multiple languages is neither an option nor an absolute must-have due to inaccessibility at times. Using trustworthy translations services ensures that your product can be seen by as many gamers as possible.   

We have highly experienced translators in gaming that offer cost-efficient and reliable translations to your game. Our team knows the unique challenges gaming designers face in globalizing game development. Our translation professionals can help you to move into the global markets quickly and effectively.  

With our proven track record of quality service, we also pride ourselves on our professionalism, discreetness and our trustworthy native speaker translators.  

We are committed to delivering high-quality translation services for all of your projects.  

How does Video Game Translation work?

Game localisation is the process of converting storylines of games into other cultures. They can also localise marketing information they have, including website descriptions of marketplaces and the product packaging texts too.  

We make this process simple, by contacting us for a free quote within 15 minutes. Global Translations UK understands the demanding nature of the industry, so we aim to deliver a fast, effective service.   


Game translation for Mandarin, Russian, Arabic and other languages

In addition, if you need Spanish to English translation of games, or games in Spanish translated into any other languages. We are here to help. For more complex projects such as translating a German game to Polish, we have you covered. We offer translation and localisation services in 120 languages.  

Here are some key markets:


34400 million market
850 million potential gamers


1231 million market
20 million potential gamers


1657 million market
113 million potential gamers


204 million market
32 million potential gamers


293 million market
48 million potential gamers

Saudi Arabia

577 million market
26 million potential gamers

Translation Services & Localisation in 120+ Global Languages

Global Translations UK provides translation services for games in 120+ languages. It is our goal to ensure that users around the world can use your game, regardless of the language they speak.   

While many mobile video games focus more on visuals than on language, it is important to ensure the text and audio players can use accurate matches that the message they’re trying to convey. This improves customer experience, with a more satisfied gamer, they are most likely to recommend your game to others. By using gaming translations of an endless amount of language combinations, you are securing the market and staying ahead of your competition.   

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