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Welcome to Global Translations UK

Global Translations UK offers professional translation services in 120+ languages. We operate on fundamental principles: accurate translations, reasonable prices, and fast services using professional human translators to work on your projects.

We are a team of experts who are client-driven and passionate about what we do, helping you with technical translations, certified translations and much more.

The global communication network never sleeps and neither do we. With some projects, time can be of the essence, so we are flexible and agile. Our commitment to delivering a first-class service, as well as superb quality translations, keep exceeding the expectations of our clients, as seen in our 100% customer satisfaction rate. Read our testimonials to see what our clients had to say!

Professional translation services

Global Translations is a UK-based company with offices in both London and Manchester. We provide a multi-language range of professional translation services globally. We work closely with expert linguists in order to provide accurate and high-quality translations. Most of our clients are busy professionals who need accurate translations as part of a bigger picture. 

We offer website translations, technical & manufacturing manuals, document translation services, proofreading, transcription, voice-over services and subtitle translation.

What we do

Translation requests can be different, so it’s essential to include your business message to help achieve your desired outcome. We do this by getting to know your business intimately.

If you want to earn trust, your content must sound natural and resonate with your target audience to make you more credible.

Our tailored solutions are perfect for all budgets and project sizes.

We deliver urgent translations by responding promptly to enquiries and using our global network to benefit from different time zones.

Step by step guide for our online translation service

Our online translation service is fast and convenient. Please take the following steps so we can provide our excellent service:

Our philosophy

Global Translations UK breaks language barriers and builds bridges. We use the power of communication to help you create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your customers. 

Our multilingual skills make your product/services more accessible to a wider range of customers. Good business is about relationships stemming from top tier communication, resulting in long-lasting and healthier relationships.

Global Translation UK's Philosophy
Global Translation UK's Vision and Mission

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is simple; we help eliminate language and cultural barriers by offering human translation and localisation services. We believe language shouldn’t be a barrier but an opportunity.

Our global resources, ethical practices and innovation have enabled us to revolutionise the translation industry, and we’re on our way to becoming a global market leader. Technology, people and cultures evolve continuously, and so do we.

Global Translations UK accepts its responsibilities in helping the local community, social enterprises and non-profit organisations; we believe it’s important to give back.  We are keen to work with non-profit organisations and charitable institutes to achieve this.

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