Transcription Services



Transcribers must be native speakers with excellent listening skills to ensure all transcriptions are accurate. We offer transcription to legal firms, media and marketing companies, for corporate training, speeches, documentary scripts, financial seminars, films and radio programmes. We also offer certified translations for transcription projects.

Do you need to transcribe video to text, audio files, online or legal transcriptions?

Whether it’s a transcription in the same language or different language combinations. Alternatively, you may need to transcribe and translate subtitles in a time coded format – look no further!

Our multilingual translation and transcription services are right for you. Our experts will help you with all your transcription needs and ensure your task is done to the desired standards. They can transcribe:

  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Music
  • Speeches

All files and documents are treated with extreme confidentiality.

Online Transcriptions

Translation agencies must understand the diversity of needs of modern clients and artists in a world of technology. Whether it is a large piece of work or a small part, each case must be treated in its uniqueness.

If you decide to trust us with your audio or video transcription, any of our expert online transcribers can complete, within the established time frame, the text version of the contents in the original language or translated. Doing so in a variety of language combinations.

You can trust our services to have high-quality standards. Contact us for more information on the transcription services we offer.

We Cover All Kinds of Formats

We can provide the transcription in the format that you prefer – depending on whether you choose to work with Microsoft Word, Open Office, or RTF.



We apply rigorous quality assurance procedures to all transcription projects, checking them for accuracy, completeness and consistency of style and format before submission. During transcription, all documents are treated as confidential and stored in a secure environment.

Our goal is to provide customers with a professional transcription service of the highest quality thanks to the collaboration with expert transcribers with the ability to work quickly and without difficulty with any type of audio or video file.

We collaborate with small and medium sized enterprises, large companies and multinationals operating in numerous specialised sectors. This is whilst paying particular attention to the precise terminology of each area. Please request a quote for our audio and video text transcription services.

Video Transcription Services

Transcripts in the Same Language

Transcripts in the same language involve listening to an audio recording and typing the content into a written text.

Multi-Language Transcripts

It involves transcribing audio into text and recordings directly into another language. For example; translating audio files from English to Spanish. 

Double Column Online Transcriptions

Transcription of the audio in its original language before it is translated into another language. The format of the transcript is two-column text.

What to expect?

Expert service

Accredited linguists for legal transcriptions, ensuring high-quality and reliable service.

Fast turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing the best transcription services in the shortest possible time. You can rest assured we will meet your tight deadlines.

Cost-effective solution

Our professional online transcriptions are the most competitive on the market. Our affordable rates ensure you don't have to break the bank to get a quality work.

Translate your content

Receive fast and quality transcripts from the best transcribers for your transcription project of any size.

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