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Technical translations

Technical translation services are ideal for companies looking to expand their services abroad. Translation services are a one-way ticket to globalisation and international success. Technical translation is any specialised translation that requires industry knowledge on behalf of the translator.

Download our PDF guide on technical document translation today to learn all about why you need to translate your technical documentation, the pros and cons, and how to choose the perfect service that works for you.

Technical & Manufacturing Manuals
What is technical translation?

What exactly is technical translation?

Technical documents consist of specialised terminology produced by technical writers with a high level of expertise in their fields. This type of language requires absolute precision, requiring translations to be impeccably accurate and nothing less. Professional technical translation can take the form of legal documents, machinery manuals, and more.

We take your expertise in your field and take it global with our technical translation service!

Additionally, we offer free sample translations for some projects (more than 5,000 words) to demonstrate our high-quality standards. Contact us now to find out more.

Technical document translation services

Since globalisation, we have become more interconnected; this has provided new opportunities, causing a spike in accurate technical translations.

Our technical translation services are tailored toward your organisation, helping you deliver a clear message. Language is crucial for global success.

Brexit has influenced global supply chains, international trade laws and much more. Businesses must adapt to the “new normal” of the post-Brexit landscape. There is no better partner than Global Translations UK to help with your company’s international development.

Our translations will help you thrive in new markets, pushing your global presence into uncharted territories. 

Most importantly, we have a proven track record, and we’re renowned for the quality and result-oriented technical translation services we provide. As an award-winning translation service provider, we’re setting the pace in the industry, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

We offer translation services for technical documents in the following sectors:

  • Banking & financial
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing & engineering
  • Energy & environmental
  • International Trade
  • Gaming
  • Technology
  • Military & defence equipment

Most importantly, we will:

  • Translate any text in images.
  • Keep the document format.
  • Deliver accurate translations.

Technical & Manufacturing Manuals

Technical & Manufacturing manual translations require experienced native speakers ready to dive deep into topics and ensure the correct terminology is used. Rest assured that your important documents are in the hands of our accredited linguists who have at least 8 years of experience in your field.

We can translate:

  • O&M manuals
  • Engineering specifications and manuals
  • Product safety data
  • Technical drawings
  • User guides
  • Security standards
  • Survey reports

Find out more about translations for engineering translations. Before choosing which translation agency you will trust with this huge responsibility, contact us for more information.

Technical translation services by accredited linguists

Technical translations can be the most complex. A misrepresentation of any terminology can be a costly mistake. There is no room for errors. Mistakes can lead to unsafe working conditions, cancelled projects, legal liabilities and added expenses. Technical translations require native speakers who have experience translating similar documents.

Our native speakers are well acquainted with the local dialect and subjects matters and will ensure your content is accurately translated. We help you reach your customers and business prospects in their native language. We offer accurate translations in over 120 languages. Some of our translators are former engineers, designers, lawyers; we will select the most qualified translator for your project to ensure accuracy. 

Trust Global Translations UK to deliver solutions on time, on budget, with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to providing a first-class service, as well as superb quality translations, helps us exceed our clients’ expectations with a reported 100% customer satisfaction rate.

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Why Choose Us To Translate Technical Documents?

We pride ourselves on providing excellent technical translation services and take all client work seriously. The accuracy of translated documents is always delivered within the most convenient timeframe. We offer same-day urgent translations and can work on any long or short-term technical translation project.

Besides translating technical documents, we employ experienced translators who speak only the local language. Our linguists do not come from many other translation companies. While some translation companies use automated translation, it is important to understand how to trust a translator. The translation of technical documents requires human expertise.

Here at Global Translations UK, we believe in results and aim to be an efficient company for everyone. We deliver translations on a budget, on time and with unmatched quality. Language unites us all, but it can also divide us. We are here to help you break down those barriers, so you can focus on what you do best.

What to expect?

Services from Our Expert Team

Technical translation services are provided by accredited linguists, ensuring high-quality and dependable service.

Quick turnaround

We take pride in providing the best service in the shortest amount of time. You can be confident that we will meet your strict deadlines.

Reasonable costs

Our services are available at affordable prices. Our reasonably priced technical translation services ensure that you won't have to break the bank to get a good translation.

Translate your technical content

Receive fast and quality technical translations from the best language translators for your project of any size.

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