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Manufacturing & Engineering Translation by Accredited Linguists

Manufacturing and engineering translations tend to be the most complex. A misrepresentation of any terminology can be a costly mistake.

Mistakes can lead to unsafe working conditions, cancelled projects, legal liabilities and added expenses. Technical translations require native speakers who have experience translating similar documents.  

Our accredited linguists are experienced in various technical documents, working on product manual translation projects and user manual translation services. We can also help with:  
  • Operating manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Engineering specifications
  • Technical standards
  • Engineering codes
  • Quality assurance manuals
  • Document control procedures
  • IHS standards
  • Warning labels
  • Process control documents
  • CAD drawings
  • Code of conducts
  • PLM reports
  • Engineering proposals
  • Engineering training courses

Engineering Translation Services

UK manufacturers are expanding operations abroad. Research shows at 78% of UK businesses are putting plans in place for global growth. 

Globalisation has increased the presence of multinational companies, causing a spike in high-quality translations. Translating and localising your content for stakeholders in their native language will create a strong sense of partnership and trust.  

What better partner than Global Translations UK to help with your company’s international development. Our translations will help you thrive in new markets, pushing your global presence into undiscovered, prosperous territories.  

Trust Global Translations UK to deliver a brilliant service on time, on budget, and with precision and efficiency. Our pledge to providing a first-class service, as well as outstanding quality translations, helps us exceed our clients’ expectations with a reported 100% customer satisfaction rate

Manufacturing & engineering translation services

Our Promise

Professionals operating in this sector have very tight deadlines and expect translations to be delivered on time with the pre-agreed budget. Most of our clients are busy professionals who need accurate translations as part of a bigger picture.

We have an evident track record of our professional translation services, and we’re renowned for the quality and result oriented manufacturing and engineering translation services we offer. 

As an award-winning translation service provider, we’re setting the pace in the industry, and we guarantee the highest quality and client satisfaction.

Technical Translations in Specific Engineering Fields

Engineering is by far a common request for translation of technical documentation for the industries we serve.  
Our highly-qualified technical translators can translate many types of engineering document translation that require specialised translation skills.


Global Translations UK provides engineering translation services and technical documentation translation in all fields of the engineering industry with our network of translators worldwide for virtually all languages.  

The strength of our service as professional linguists lies in the breadth of our subject-specific expertise.  

Our native translators are usually trained with a technical background in fields like aerospace and construction. We offer the highest quality service in specific engineering areas such as defence, geotechnical, hydrology, production and transportation. 

Translations for your Target Audience

We have a combination of technical and linguistic expertise and can provide superior engineering translation services at a competitive price. Our translators’ skills include translating for diverse audiences, as well as working on everything from training materials to procurement processes documentation. 

We’re able to offer quality translation to customers quickly and efficiently. 

Using specialised translation tools, we understand the importance of customising the production and engineering process for the client and their needs. We can customise our services based on your needs if necessary.  

What are the 4 Most Common Types of Professional Translation Services?

Although there are many types of services depending on your industry, what are some of the most common for the engineering industry? 
The most common forms of engineering translation include technical translation, general translation, certified translation and legal translation.  


General translation could be any of the non-technical written elements — like warning signs — these types of services do not require expert knowledge or specialised jargon for the particular field or industry.  

Certified translation services can be as vast in terms of what documents it covers, but it offers an extra level. Based on the client’s requirement, a certified translation comes with a document issued by the translation company that certifies a level of excellence and accuracy. It is like a stamp of approval that certifies that the translation was done with professional engineering translators. 

A legal translation is another form of service that includes documents such as contracts, expert options, court judgement or other legal procedures. This requires advanced knowledge of the two languages, but also legal experience and an understanding of their legal systems. 

Lastly, technical translations are the most common term you will see. This covers anything that requires subject-matter experts that have high linguistic skills as well as experience translating engineering documents. Technical knowledge can refer to multiple things, but it mostly refers to engineering and IT material translations within the engineering industry.  

What are the Pitfalls of Not Translating My Documents?

For a manufacturing company primarily operating in Europe, the CE mark is essential. This confirms the conformance to European Health Safety and Environmental Standard (HSE) standards for the sale of products within the EEE. 

There are many requirements required for gaining CE marking. This includes developing the user manuals and translating them into different languages. Generally speaking, all countries have rules relating to technical goods imported from other countries. User manuals are usually required and must be translated for each targeted market language. 

This is not the only pitfall to missing out on user manual translations. But considering that necessary document translations include operating manuals and safety guides, a poorly translated document can lead to serious and catastrophic accidents due to unclear instructions. This leads to customers dissatisfaction and confusion for workers as they are struggling with a piece of machinery or software with nonsensical translations.  

One word can have different areas, especially in the areas of engineering and manufacturing. That is why our translators specialise in engineering translation services and understand specific terms within the field.  

Who do we work with?

Translating technical documents involves complex documents, which can be difficult for translators. 

Our professional translation services understand the challenges that come with the manufacturing and engineering industry. 

Several customers have come to us following this challenge and seek a more effective approach with measurable results. Our client list covers engineers, document management managers as well as technical managers. We specialise in engineering translation, including user manual translation services. 

Our translation services are also suitable for a variety of architectural and business management professionals. 

We can tailor our services to suit your needs. We’ll help you with all of your difficulties. 

Our Translation Process

Using Global Translations UK, the translation process is significantly simple, once you get your quote using our brand-new translation instant quote calculator.

Our brand-new instant quote calculator allows you to get a free quote within seconds! Simply upload your document in our supported formats (.doc, .docx, .xlsx, .xls, .pdf, .pptx) or alternatively enter the word count. Then select your chosen languages and details, and you’ll get a fast response directly to your email.  

We understand the importance of privacy in all our projects, that’s why we have security measures that keep your files confidential and protected.  

This quote is merely an estimate, and a team member will later contact you to find out about your specific requirements and give you a more accurate quote.  

When you place your translation project order, we will assign it to the first translator that specialises in engineering translations and your target language. 

After the technical translation is completed, it’s time for the quality check by our trusted project manager. Once the translation meets our first-class standards, we will send the project to you via email. 

What happens if it does not pass the quality check? We will send the document to a second translator to be edited. 

As an award-winning translation agency, we value quality assurance, that is why we offer free samples on projects over 5,000 words. 

Follow our detailed step-by-step guide, or consult our FAQ for any more queries. 

What to expect?

Expert service

Highly qualified translators for engineering translation services, ensuring high quality and trustworthy service.

Fast turnaround

We understand the time-sensitive nature of the industry. You can rest assured that using our service will help you meet those tight deadlines.

Cost-effective solution

Our services have the most competitive prices in the industry. Our service is the most affordable when it comes to manufacturing translation services rates ensuring you always stay on budget.

Translate your content

Get quick and quality interpretations from the best linguists for your engineering translation projects of any size.

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