Proofreading and editing

Proofreading Services

One of the services we provide is proofreading and editing. Such editing includes style checking (language phrases, established expressions, etc.), spelling and punctuation corrections. 

Proofreading is an essential service that ensures there are no errors in your text. A fully comprehensive text check is carried out, as a rule, for extremely important documents: legal contracts, technical instructions, medical reports, books, scripts and image materials (advertising, presentations etc). We also do proofreading for website translations. 

It is always a good idea to get an extra pair of eyes to check over your documents for grammar, tone and language. Our native speakers will ensure your documents are accurate and sound natural. Our services include:

  • Proofreading websites  
  • Proofreading books and scripts
  • Proofreading Legal documents
  • And much more

How Does the Proofreading UK Service Work?

Our proofreaders will read and reread your work carefully, eliminating typos and in particular, errors concerning the typographical aspect.

  • Small caps
  • Use of bold
  • You will also receive any other useful information to give a good editorial aspect to the text

The draft of the work will be returned to you, so you can reread it once more before final submission.

Generally, the price is calculated per word. We can also come to a unique price, based on a mutual agreement. 

Prices are flexible, economic and affordable for everyone. To continue, you just have to send your request. We will evaluate the situation of your manuscript together. Completely free of charge, we will give you our opinion and offer the best solution. 



How to Request Proofreading Online?

The steps are quite simple:

  • Send a request
  • Approve turnaround time and cost
  • Deliver draft
  • Submit the project

Whatever type of document it is to be corrected, it will be necessary to carry out a precise initial evaluation. At this stage, all the revision parameters must be respected, agreed upon based on the type of publication, the publisher’s policies, and the professional guidelines we propose to you. After viewing your work, we will offer you a free quote.

You can also ask us for custom correction parameters. Some customers prefer to request only a correction of grammatical or typing errors, whilst others are just concerned with layout and formatting.

Beyond any editorial rules, you will tell us exactly what you want us to do for you. The project is yours and it will be tailored to your wishes. 

At the first delivery of the revised draft, we will evaluate whether to continue with a second and further correction of the same text. You will be the one to show us how to proceed.

Contact Us For More Detailed Information about Proofreading Services!

Editing the translated text is an integral part of quality order fulfilment. Previously translated text is checked, proofread for technical errors, formatted according to the original, stylistic unity of the text is ensured, especially in the case of a large order that has been divided among several translators.

This mandatory edition is already included in the order price.

There is also a service of editing the previously translated text by another translator. Our editors will evaluate the quality of the translation and determine whether a revision or a full translation is needed. In this case, it is necessary to provide the original of the translated text for accurate and stylistically correct editing.

What to expect?

Expert service

Accredited linguists for proofreading and editing services, ensuring high-quality and reliable service.

Fast turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing the best proofreading online services in the shortest possible time. You can rest assured we will meet your tight deadlines.

Cost-effective solution

Our professional proofreading services in UK are the most competitive prices in the market. Our affordable rates ensure you don't have to break the bank to get a quality work.

Translate your content

Receive fast and quality proofreading services from the best language translators for your document translations project of any size.

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