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Subtitle Translations

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) reported that 18% of the UK population watch TV with subtitles. With the increasing demand for subtitles, our job is to broaden your audience by translating subtitles into over 120 languages to ensure more people can enjoy your content. For subtitle translation services: 

  1. Send us the video or audio file.

  1. We will translate the dialect. 

  1. We will apply it and sync it with the timing of the video. 

Translate from a Subtitle file or directly from a Video

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Translating subtitles doesn’t have to be a hard process, it can be made easy. Simply upload an SRT file or videos if desired. We work with video or audio file formats, including the most commonly used SRT subtitle file format.

Examples Of Subtitle Projects

  • Videos for posting on your YouTube channel, Instagram account (section IGTV) or TikTok. 
  • Commercials for placement on television, advertising tabloids and televisions at airports, subways, etc. 
  • Promotional films about the company or the company’s field of activity. 
  • Video recordings of corporate meetings, and conferences. 
  • Educational videos, and training, including videos intended for teaching a foreign language. 
  • Featured films, documentaries, and series. 

Why Trust Us for Your Subtitle Translations?

Overlaying video subtitles is one of the most affordable, efficient and convenient ways to translate videos into a different language. The only difficulty is that solving such a problem requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge. It will be more cost-effective for a professional translator to edit subtitles translated by AI than create the subtitles from scratch. 


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Subtitle Translation

Why choose our subtitle translations? 

  • Professional translators. Experienced, verified and managed by competent project managers. 

  • A team will work on your project: Translators, project managers and editors. 

  • Experience in interpretation and translation. Deep understanding of the specifics of subtitling and audiovisual translations. 

  • Multi-translation – into various languages. In parallel, it is possible to create subtitles in several languages at once. For example, we will prepare three files for your video created in Italian: subtitles in English, Spanish and in German. 

  • Work according to the required standards. All processes in our company are certified and comply with strict ISO standards. 

  • The ability to collaborate remotely. You have the right to place an order and pay for it from anywhere in the world. We send the finished files remotely via the agreed communication channels. 

  • Protection of all data that the customer provides for work. 

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How Subtitle Translation Services Work?

  • We accept source video material in any format.
  • The translator deciphers the speech and prepares the translation.
  • Then the subtitles are edited. It is checked to see if they match the video and audio track.
  • The technician examines the frame-by-frame time codes to make sure the length of the subtitles is accurate. The file is converted to the desired format.

    The subtitles must be consistent with the audio. They can’t have semantic, grammatical errors or terminological inaccuracies in them. That is why, it is better to entrust this task to an experienced translation agency capable of translating subtitles for decent-quality videos at an affordable price.

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If the question concerns a business video, for example; you are preparing a presentation to teach your colleagues or students at an online school. It is imperative that the subtitling of this film should be of the highest quality. 

We have the right professionals to carry out subtitling on your videos. Read our guide on everything you need to know about translated subtitles and subtitle translation services:

Expand into international markets with Global Translations UK's expert subtitle translation services

Although English is the “common language”, in terms of business; about 75% of the world population are not fluent in English. This means that around you are losing around 5962.5 million possible customers. To give you an idea, 75% of the world’s population have mobile phones as of 2022.

This is why you should consider translating subtitles for videos to avoid losing potential customers. Our professional subtitles translation service is offered in a number of languages. We have a team of expert translators from across the globe that efficiently help our customers in all their translation projects. Multilingual subtitles increase access and increase engagement globally. Your audience is most likely to engage with your video content if it is available in a language they can understand.

Translate Subtitles On Time

Global Translations UK understands the fast-paced nature of the industry. With the current culture of microtrends and social media, producing content has become harder. Audiences require innovation and quick production.

We prioritise quality above all, but also an effective process. That is why we offer urgent translation services and guarantee fast turnaround times. So you can meet your deadlines with our help.

Get an instant free quote on your subtitle translation project in seconds.


The Subtitle Translation Agency that combines Quality content with Competitive prices

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When you want an expert in the subtitle translating industry, you have reached the best location. We will provide you with the best subtitle translation services to make you available worldwide. Global Translations UK provides an excellent service to subtitle translators and companies needing their content translated.

We are a leading subtitle translation company in its industry, with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and a proven track record of our outstanding services.

Having multilingual multimedia content can help you gain more attention, and this process shouldn’t have to break the bank. While you worry about creating video content for your global audience, we will take care of the rest.

What to expect?

Expert service

Our subtitle services are provided by accredited linguists, providing a high-quality and consistent product.

Fast turnaround

We take pleasure in offering the best service in the least amount of time. You may count on us to meet your tight deadlines.

Cost-effective solution

On the market, our expert online subtitle translations are the most affordable. Our reasonable prices assure that you won't have to break the bank in order to receive high-quality service.

Translate your content

For any size document translation job, get fast and accurate subtitle translations from the best language translators.

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