Why Should I Translate My App?

Have you ever gone onto an app, in which everything is in a different language?

I can honestly say I rarely do.

Should this not be the case everywhere in the world?

Some of the most successful apps in 2022 are inclusive in high numbers of languages.
Here are the most translated apps, recognise a few?:

Over the past 10 years, applications have developed drastically. You can now go on dates, find your car, or even blow out a candle using apps on your phone. The opportunities are endless!

So why would you restrict the usage to one city, one country, or one continent, when people across the entire world can enjoy them. What are the actual benefits of translating your app, you may be asking?

3 Benefits of App Translations

  1. Reach New Global Markets

Having an app available in various languages opens the door to numerous markets across the world. For example, if you translated your app into General Spanish, it becomes accessible to those in 21 countries;

  1. Improve customer experience.

Many Apps are not translated, yet are shipped into foreign markets. Software developers expect customers of these markets to understand the original content. This can be harmful to the business-to-consumer relationship.

Translating the content on the App, it shows you care about the customers. It allows them to enjoy the experience as it was intended, without any language barriers in the way.

  1. Better Global Rankings

App stores across the world appreciate localised keywords, increasing your ranking capabilities.

It also will increase visibility and search profile due to consumers in those areas using localised keywords.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Translating My App?

This all depends on how you approach the app translation. Here are some disadvantages to consider;

  1. AI Translations

Leaving your hopes of a freshly translated app in the hands of AI translation tools such as Google Translate is going to land you in some hot water.

There are countless examples of how Google Translate doesn’t quite hit the mark. At an 85% accuracy rate, you really are leaving your credibility and fate in a foreign market up to chance.

  1. Very Technical

The base of any App is its software. That often means a full software translation may be necessary.

Without translators with the technical capabilities and industry know-how, you will have a hard time completing this task.

  1. High-quality Translations Cost Money!

Any site promoting free translations will either;

  1. Be poor quality translations
  2. Not actually be free

If you want your app to flow and engage those fluent in the language of your target audience, you will need to pay professionals to do so.

Where do I go for professional Apps and Software Translations?

Global Translations UK is an award-winning translation agency.

We have industry-experienced translators, who are capable of understanding specific language relating to the tech content they are translating.

Whilst also having the in-depth knowledge of the specific language/culture you are admitting your App into.

Using professional, accredited, qualified services guarantees you a smooth transition into any foreign market.

We offer free sample translations to demonstrate our high-quality, so don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team;

Phone: 03300439453

Email: info@globaltranslations.uk

Website: https://global-translationsuk.com/

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