What is the future of the travel industry post Pandemic?

The Importance of Tourism Translation Services

With more people travelling abroad, more hotels opening in new and exciting locations, the travel industry is booming and expanding nowadays! Tourism is one of the key industries that contributes to the global economy, with some countries like Portugal and Greece having it as their primary export.

The travel industry has been considerably affected by the Covid-19 pandemic — in 2019 alone, the travel and tourism industry contributed around 9,170 billion dollars to the worldwide GDP but in 2020, only 4,671 billion dollars. Now, you might be wondering: that is horrible, shouldn’t I be concerned? On the contrary, this means opportunity! As pandemic restrictions are easing across the globe, holidaymakers are eager to get back to pre-pandemic life!

If we look at the last global pandemic, the Spanish Flu in 1918, it was a time of uncertainty and hardship. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, researchers “estimate that in the typical country, the pandemic reduced real per capita GDP by 6% and private consumption by 8%”. But looking back, from a 2022 perspective we know that in the following years, the memorable ‘roaring 20s’ came! With an impressive economic boom and large-scale development in the western world that astounded nations. Along with the golden age of travel.

Swedish-American actress Greta Garbo and director Mauritz Stiller on the SS Drottningholm in 1926.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky previously said that travel will change post-pandemic, just as the world will change. He compared it to a “new golden age of travelling” (maybe it is the roaring 20s after all!) According to Chesky, the world is becoming more flexible, in particular, he argues that business travel will be a thing of the past as technological advances have replaced the need for business trips. Instead, leisure travel will be more prominent. The more people stay at home, the more the desire to leave is there. With the possibility of working remotely, he predicts a rise in travel abroad as companies become more flexible, and that we will see a rise in longer holidays as people have the possibility to work remotely. He went on to theorise that travel, working and living will blur together as opposed to the clear distinctions between those that we had before the pandemic.

This means the travel and tourism industry will be at its most abundant in this upcoming decade. But with great opportunities comes even greater challenges (and a huge amount of competition too!). So, how can you make your brand stand out from the rest?

Translation services are the answer you’re looking for! Tourism translation services will be more important than ever if people start to spend longer time abroad, the need to break down language barriers will be in high demand. Translating your website or promotional content into your target audience’s native language ensures you always provide a great service. By accurately translating travel guides, catalogues, even maps — you ensure your message comes across. Here are a few reasons why using tourism translation services will be beneficial to you:

Improve your Customer Experience with a Stronger Connection!


Language is the heart of the travel industry. Tourism translation is one of the key elements that allow the tourism industry to make itself known to its audience. Whether you are a restaurant, a travel company, a tourism agency or an insurance service: Translating marketing material into a range of languages will attract more tourists to your service.

Tourism translations enhance the customer experience by making the customer feel more comfortable. As fun as travelling is, being in a foreign country with an unknown language can be a scary thing! By using quality travel translations for your materials, it can make a tourist feel safer and more at ease.  Seeing guides or even signs in their native language amongst the confusion and newness can make anyone’s holiday better!

This then leads to familiarity with your service or product, which creates meaningful and deeper connections. These customers are now more likely to return if you have provided a service in their native language.

Avoid Translation Fails!


Across the internet, article after article will tell you about these hilarious translation fails! Most, if not all, of these mistakes can be easily avoided by using translation services that offer intelligent and intuitive translations. Comedic value aside, clumsy translations tarnish a brand’s reputation. In an industry so saturated and competitive, it is important to stay on top of your game.

Brochures are a core element of the travel & tourism industry, whether are physical brochures or available as downloadables, it is essential that they are available in an array of languages. But it is not just about physical content; your website translations, social media and email marketing should be localised using knowledgeable translation services. This ensures better engagement with possible clients, therefore higher chances of success. YouTube videos are an excellent way to form new connections that lead potential customers to your tourism services. With their closed captions tool, which allows the creation of subtitles, it gives you the opportunity to offer quick translations for your content.

Why choose a Travel Translation Service over Translation Devices?

Advancements in AI technology have it possible for people to have translation services easier and often for free. Although these are exciting times in terms of development, translation devices are still lacking the necessary human knowledge that translators possess. Language is a constantly evolving medium, with the evolution of the internet that connects nearly 5 billion people worldwide — language is constantly changing.

Using translation services that specialise in tourism translation ensures quality throughout. Translation services often use native speakers that understand colloquialisms and cultural norms. Bad translations can not only lead to misunderstandings, but also loss of income, and accidents. Tourists abroad do not have the time to try to understand confusing translations of safety protocols or guidelines. In case of an emergency, this could lead to serious problems.

Translation devices can be excellent with simple sentences that require no context, but for more complicated things. Such as audio guides, management software and even travel insurance policies —it requires a more human approach.

When it comes to travel translations, we at Global Translations UK understand the complicated nature of the industry; we provide award-winning localised travel & tourism translation services.

For further information, check out our travel and tourism translation services! Our team of experts operates 24/7, contact us about your translation enquiries!

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