The Missing Element: Why are Engineering Translations Important for Your Diversity Plans?

Britain’s workforce is more diverse than ever, with people from different countries, religions, political beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Research shows that 90% of organisations struggle with language barriers with the rise in the diversification of the workplace.

A diverse industry without a strong diversity and inclusion plan will lead to employee isolation and low morale. The benefits of a diverse workforce are vast, but it is equally important to create an inclusive and understanding environment for employees to flourish.

The current lack of diversity in engineering is an ongoing issue, with a lack of representation for women and ethnic minorities within the industry. Research shows that “only 12% of engineers in the UK are women, and just 16% of engineering students are female.”; further data says that an astonishing 8% of technicians and engineers are of black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds. But major companies have been striving for more inclusion and diversity within STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

The rise in diversity in the engineering industry requires a well-thought-out plan to go along with it.

The question should be, how can I as a company ensure equal opportunity regardless of ethnic or religious background yet make the workplace an accessible place for everyone?

Your first step should be language. Here is why:

Engineering Translation Services and Diversity

The Royal Academy of Engineering previously released its action plan for diversity and inclusivity within its organisation.


Where it related to the importance of the engineering industry, as a key pillar of our society; and as Britain’s national academy for multiple engineering fields, it was indispensable to advance and excel.

The academy’s overarching goals for 2025 are “to harness the power of engineering to build a sustainable society and an inclusive economy that works for everyone”.

As part of this objective, the academy strives to foster global talent and help the UK engineering industry become a truly diverse field with its engineering training courses.

Their goal to become a more culturally progressive and diverse association shows the direction in which the engineering sector is heading towards.

In the next section, we will talk about how language plays a part in this inspiring process and how your company might be one translation project away from progressing in its diversity plans.

How to Use Your Target Language in Your Diversity Plans

The UK’s engineering sector is lacking in diversity, meaning many groups are under-represented within the engineering industry.

Diversity plans can look like an array of considerations to make the workplace a more inclusive environment, but the number one way to make sure your dedicated team feels included is language inclusion.

By having your training materials, user manuals, or engineering documents available in multiple languages, your team will feel comfortable and valued.

Minimising language barriers is essential to a more easy-going work environment. Professional translation services often use native speakers as their professional linguists to ensure that every technical documentation is localised effectively.

More major companies are using the highest quality engineering translation services for their documents.

The engineering field does not have to be an exclusive place, whether it is for in-house employees, overseas or foreign clients. Having your material translated accurately into other languages is an excellent first step into diversity and inclusion.

Language gaps prevent adequate communication, and as employees frequently rely on each other to share instructions, this can quickly lead to misunderstandings. These misunderstandings will lead to diminished productivity and low staff morale.

Global Translations UK is one of the leading providers when it comes to professional engineering translations. We have a proven track record of our linguist skill and quality translations by our native translators who will make sure your intended message gets across.

No matter the source language or document type, whatever translation requirements you have, we are the translation company to contact.

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