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Subtitle Translation services

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) reported 18% of the UK population watch TV with subtitles. With the increasing demand for subtitles, our job is to broaden your audience by translating subtitles in over 900 language combinations to ensure more people can enjoy your content. For subtitle translation services:

  1. Send us the video.
  2. We will translate the dialect.
  3. We will apply it and sync it with the timing of the video.
Subtitle Translation

Examples of subtitle projects

  • Videos for posting on your YouTube channel, Instagram account (section IGTV) or TikTok.
  • Commercials for placement on television, advertising tabloids and televisions at airports, subways, etc.
  • Promotional films about the company or the company’s field of activity.
  • Video recordings of corporate meetings, conferences.
  • Educational videos, training, including videos intended for teaching a foreign language.
  • Featured films, documentaries, and series.

Why Trust Us for Your Subtitle Translations?

Overlaying video subtitles is one of the most affordable, efficient and convenient ways to translate videos into a different language. The only difficulty is that solving such a problem requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge. It will be more cost-effective for a professional translator to edit subtitles translated by AI than create the subtitles from scratch.

Why chose us:

  • Professional translators. Experienced, verified and managed by competent managers.
  • A team will work on your project: Translators, managers and editors.
  • Experience in interpretation and translation. Deep understanding of the specifics of subtitling and audiovisual translations.
  • Multi-translation – into various languages. In parallel, it is possible to create subtitles in several languages at once. For example, we will prepare three files for your video created in Italian: subtitles in English, Spanish and in German.
  • Work according to the required standards. All processes in our company are certified and comply with strict ISO standards.
  • The ability to collaborate remotely. You have the right to place an order and pay for it from anywhere in the world. We send the finished files remotely via the agreed communication channels.
  • Protection of all data that the customer provides for work.

How Subtitle Translation Services Work?

  • We accept source video material in any format.
  • The translator deciphers the speech, prepares the translation.
  • Then the subtitles are edited. It is checked to see if they match the video and audio track.
  • The technician examines the frame-by-frame time codes to make sure the length of the subtitles is accurate. The file is converted to the desired format.

The subtitles must be consistent with the audio. They can’t have semantic, grammatical errors or terminological inaccuracies in them. That is why it is better to entrust this task to an experienced translation agency capable of translating subtitles for decent-quality videos at an affordable price. 

If the question concerns a business video, for example; you are preparing a presentation to teach your colleagues or students at an online school. It is imperative that the subtitling of this film should be of the highest quality.

Subtitles are also becoming more popular in the gaming sector. For more information, get in touch.

We have the right professionals to carry out subtitling on your videos.

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