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University of Strathclyde Law Clinic’s mission is to provide access to justice in Glasgow and surrounding areas. They offer advice and representation to assist clients with their legal problems. They also provide Public Legal Education to help people understand their rights and have partnerships with various organisations so they can assist vulnerable groups.

The award-winning clinic reached out to us to aid them in their ongoing brilliant work. We were told they urgently needed legal documents translated from Arabic to English. They made it clear they needed this completing as soon as possible and we reassured them they would receive these documents as quickly as we can.

Due to University of Strathclyde Law Clinic being a charity with a limited budget, we reduced our prices to better fit their means. At Global Translations UK, we believe in giving back to the community and are huge admirers of the Clinic’s work. Their morals align with our own and it was a great honour to not only collaborate with them, but to also support their charity with reduced fees.


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Our Approach

Our first point of call was to establish a relevant translator from our vast team of accredited linguists. We understand that there are 30 modern types of Arabic, and therefore needed to assign this project to a member of our team who fully understood the Arabic variation in the original documents but was also a native English speaker.

When choosing translators, we always pick those who have experience in the specific field as it is vital that the translator not only has experience, but the relevant and acquired knowledge to accurately articulate the content of the documents and ensure there are no gaps in information or specialist terminology.   

To ensure safety and security, all translators who specialise in legal documents are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they receive the documents. We understand the importance of dealing with delicate and personal information and that is why we prioritise security. It’s important that translators don’t divulge information or keep any material. We make sure all documents are deleted from storage systems 60 days after the project has been delivered.

Sign the agreement The Concept of Legal Procedure and Litigation.

The Results

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Once we delivered the project, the client wanted amendments to be made on the document and we worked hard to appropriately adjust the content until it fit our client’s needs and they were satisfied.

As it was our clients first time receiving a certified translation, we provided a certification and worked hard to make sure the whole process was simple and hassle free for our client, allowing them to focus on their important work.

The translation and certification were accepted for the asylum claim by the Home Office, meaning the service was successful and ultimately aided our client and their client.

University of Strathclyde Law Clinic were happy with the award-winning service of Global Translations UK and have since continued to collaborate with us.

Global Translations UK have made it a mission to give back as much as we can, whenever we can. We actively seek out charitable organisations that we can offer our services to and will always tailor price packages to suit your needs. We guarantee that we will work tirelessly to always make sure our work is up to your standards and an ongoing collaboration means you can focus on the important stuff behind the scenes while we ensure communication runs smoothly.


We recently engaged the services of Global Translations UK for translation work that our client urgently required. This work was not covered by our client's legal aid budget, and he turned to us for help. As a voluntary organisation, we were relieved to be offered a reduced fee by Global Translations UK, which enabled us to instruct the necessary work for our client's asylum claim. Our client recently received news that he has been given leave to remain in the UK, helped in no small part by the translated documents. We are grateful to Global Translations UK for their service, which we found to be quick, friendly and efficient.

Gillian Melville, Case Supervisor, University of Strathclyde Law Clinic

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