How Translation Can Drive Brand Loyalty

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One of the great things about having exposure on the internet for a business these days is that it opens them up to a global market, attracting customers or clients from all corners of the earth. To maintain this interest, widen the appeal of the company and improve brand loyalty for the future, it is worth using global translation services.

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  • Popularity of the native language

Content on the business website is most likely to be written in the language of the company’s origin. However, if this is the only linguistic option, it can end up deterring lots of visitors coming to the site again or staying on the webpage.

Findings from the European Commission revealed that more than four-fifths (82 per cent) of consumers were less likely to purchase goods on the internet if the site was in a foreign language, BBC News reported.

What’s more, Common Sense Advisory’s research compounded this by stating 72.4 per cent of customers were more inclined to buy online if they could read information about the product in their own language.


  • Attract more customers

The reason why people are more likely to navigate through a website that has been tailored to their needs is that it shows respect for their custom, as well as inclusivity.

It demonstrates that the company is willing to take steps to make it easier and more convenient for the customer and appreciates having a global market, instead of just focusing on their national consumers.

Online florist Arena Flowers has created different websites tailored to each of the countries they sell to, translating content to the relevant language so customers can understand the website without any problems.

Its managing director Will Wynne told the publication the decision to use translation services was a “no-brainer”, adding: “You’re not going to have any success if you don’t adapt to the local language.”

“It’s almost a matter of respect. If you think there’s 60 million people in France and 80 million in Germany, and the idea that they would use our website if we didn’t translate is probably a bit ambitious,” Mr Wynne stated.


  • Brand loyalty

By demonstrating this respect and appreciation for foreign customers, this is likely to increase brand loyalty as consumers feel valued. Therefore, they are more likely to visit, and use, the website in the future.

What’s more, as they know they will be able to access content in their own mother tongue, there is a higher chance they will return to the same website instead of having to find another business.

They are unlikely to want to waste a lot of time searching the internet for another company that has content they can easily understand and has the correct phrases, sayings and cultural references that make the site feel familiar and authentic.

Once they have found a site with good-quality translation, there is a high chance they will come back again and again.

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