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Kia is a world-renowned South Korean automobile manufacturer, manufacturing 2 million vehicles per Anum.

KIA found themselves at a stand-still when it came to training some of their employees. They needed videos in two alternative languages to English in order to accommodate for employees in Portugal and Italy.

For this project, we collaborated with Galleon Studios – a studio facility based in the North of England who provide studio spaces for hire for film and TV – in order to deliver the best results. This gave KIA the ability to deliver the training videos to a diverse range of staff at the level of clarity necessary for this line of work.


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Our Approach

As markets become globalised and workforces become more diverse with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, we have seen an increase in the need for translation services in order to communicate with all employees.

At Global Translations UK, we believe language should not be a barrier and therefore strive to ensure all communication between corporations and their employees or audience flows smoothly and is clear. Our extensive team of accredited linguists allow us to do this as they are native speakers with relevant knowledge. For this project, we assigned two native speakers of each language combination. This was to ensure that we reached the highest level of accuracy to avoid any harmful mistakes and to guarantee that the quality was at the best possible standard first-time around.

It was paramount that we ensured the translations were precise as any fault on our end could be detrimental for training and has the potential to lead to workplace errors.

KIA needed to change some specific requirements halfway through the project which tested our flexibility as a company, however due to the commitment of our employees and translators, we were able to adapt our time and quality management systems to ensure we delivered the project on time with all necessary amendments.

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The Results


With aid of our exceptional and award-winning translation services, Kia’s employees in Italy and Portugal are able to expand on their skills and knowledge. The result of our combined work with Galleon Studios was as simple as allowing KIA to communicate with their employees. A simple yet intricate task when the accuracy of the message is so imperative. Enabling international businesses to communicate, train and successfully integrate their company into different corners of the world is something we love to do.

Kia continues to be a clear example of how utilising translation services can positively impact your business on a global scale and make you an international success. They continue replicating their global success by infiltrating different markets.

At Global Translations UK, we see language as an opportunity to expand and grow as a business on a global scale and tap into every possible market to increase revenue, sales and create long lasting customers, clients and partners. Our services can help you achieve your business goals on a global scale.

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