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Cambridge Go-to-Market are marketing strategists who help clients with product management, product marketing, strategic communications and develop relations for both local and global specialist markets.

Cambridge Go-to-Market have a great understanding of how to locate and market into global specialised industries. As a global translation company, we understood their needs and the importance of the tone and how the client wanted to present themselves. They reached out to us regarding press articles they were releasing on blockchain technology and needed them translating from Portuguese into English. 


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Our Approach

This collaboration was exciting as the values of both companies aligned. Cambridge Go-to-Market uses the power of content to develop relations, across digital and traditional channels for their clients. At Global Translations UK, we hold strongly the belief that content must resonate with your target audience, and we understand the importance of clear and effective communication.

By ensuring all content was translated with originality and fluidity, we were able to achieve excellent results. When assigning a translator for this project, it was important for us to choose someone who could tailor content to the client’s needs and because of this, we needed to take a different approach. For this project, we decided to go with a younger team who were familiar with blockchain technology, relevant jargon and had a background in marketing. The translator was a native speaker of both Portuguese and English which also meant the content could be localised accordingly.  

Global Translations UK knows when you want to globalise your business and tap into the international market, the content needs to be accurate and clear for all necessary stakeholders to understand you. We continue to prioritise quality, accuracy and fluidity, and during our project for Cambridge Go-to-Market, we kept this at the forefront when ensuring the press release flowed naturally and kept readers engaged.


The Results


The high-quality translations we provided left our client speechless. Prue Butterworth of Cambridge Go-to-Market expressed how elated she was with the calibre of our copywriting. We ensured the project was original and flowed naturally to keep readers roped.   

Cambridge Go-to-Market continue using our award-winning services as they have now seen the accuracy of our translations, the quick turnaround times, impeccable copywriting abilities, great customer service and overall first-class experience with our team at Global Translations UK.

Global Translations UK can guarantee that all collaborative translation projects will be delivered in your given time frame, to the highest standard. Our unwavering 5* reviews are proof of our award-winning service. Allow us to take control of all your communication needs, ensuring you truly speak the language of your audience, while you can focus on continuing to grow as a business and offer your great expertise to a global market. Make a great first impression in the international market and grow strong bonds with clients by showcasing your dedication to communicating effectively on a global scale with the help of our accredited and experienced linguists.


We are thrilled by the quality of the translations. Being technical copy, we were not expecting it to be so perfect. Urgent translations fulfilled amazingly. We had an urgent need of translations from Portuguese to English across a number of public documents ranging from general news to fairly technical documentation. Global Translations UK delivered above and beyond expectation every time. We highly recommend Global Translations UK.

Prue Butterworth, Go-to-Market Strategist, Cambridge Go-to-Market

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