5 tips on how to find the BEST language translation service

The UK translation sector is a crowded one with a huge variety of choices for your translation requirements. This can make it difficult to know where to start and how to find the best option to suit your needs. The difference between an average translation compared to a good one could be the difference between a successful business venture and one that doesn’t get off the ground. If you have a great product or service, it’s imperative to communicate that effectively to the target customer. If done correctly, you will see in an influx of new business and crucially, increased sales.

In this blog, we will explain the steps you need to take before choosing your translations provider. These steps will help find high-quality translation services:

Global Translations UK is an Award-Winning Translations company, trusted by the likes of the BBC, KIA, Irwin Mitchell and many more. We, therefore, know what to look for when it comes to the best translations services.

Let’s dive right into step number one!


1. Get a free sample

If not offered, requesting a free sample translation is a great way to quality check any translation service. This will give an idea of the accuracy of the language but also how reliable the translation agency is. Did they deliver the project at the agreed time? How was their communication? Were they helpful?

The best way to check a free sample translation is to have a native speaker read the document. At times, it may be difficult to find a colleague who can speak the language or is available. You can run the sample translation back to its original language using free tools like DeepL and SYSTRAN Translate to see how it reads. For example, if it was an English to Spanish translation, you can insert the Spanish phrases given in the sample to see if they read as the English does. When using these tools, you must ensure the text is in small phrases to gain accurate results.

Acquiring a free sample helps reduce the risk factor of choosing new businesses. There may be better translation services on the market in terms of price, customer service and so on, yet you could still be reluctant to trust a new company. Having the ability to ‘try before you buy’ can instil confidence and allow you to pursue the best option on the market.

2. Who is the translator?

Who is the translator and what are their qualifications? Have they got experience translating similar documents? You should be looking for translators with a minimum of 5 years experience in the specialised sector in which you require your translation. Having translators that are accredited and native to the country of origin is a priority, as they can provide the localised language as well as cultural insight into the way that specific language should be used.

You must ensure that the company is not using machine translations such as Google Translate. According to a 2017 survey conducted by Google, Google Translate is only 85% accurate. Leaving a 15% margin for error. These are the errors that could cost you or your business credibility.

As stated in a 2021 article by Forbes; “It may cost more than simply plugging words into Google translate, but you will be able to rest easier knowing that you are effectively communicating, being understood and not running the risk of offending your target market (which can bring you a whole new set of problems in today’s world).”

Having the right translators at your disposal is central to the delivery of the translation that you need. Don’t be shy and ask the company these fundamental questions!

3. Is the translation agency ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 accredited?

Specifically, an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation proves that the company has demonstrated the ability to consistently provide a service that meets statutory and regulatory requirements for quality management.

Having an ISO 17100:2015 accreditation is explicitly for quality management within translation services. Proving that the company has the capability of its processes and the resources to deliver the translation in which the client demands.

Having these accreditations are further evidence of quality and just another aspect that should be considered when selecting the right translation provider, as it gives an external source of credibility. You should ask the company to see the necessary certificates that show they have these accreditations.

4. Do they have references, reviews and case studies?

Does the company have any references, online reviews or case study’s that they can provide you with? Take a look at the business’s Google Reviews and go on websites such as TrustPilot to see what it is like working with them.

Ask the company to provide you with some case studies of previous clients to see if they have worked on similar projects. This will give you an indication of how they went and most importantly the results delivered.

Doing this kind of due diligence will give you confidence in the translation services as they are external sources of information. You shouldn’t have to simply take the word of the company; find the evidence to back up any claims of a great service.

5. Will the translation be localised?

Is the translation provider asking you questions such as where and what will the document be used for, what is the goal and the results you hope to achieve with the translation? These types of questions will help the provider find translators in their network who are industry and geographically specific to your needs, ensuring the final goal of your translation is met.

Translations should be results-based – for example, a website translation should provide not only a good translation but one that has localised keywords used by the target demographic in the specific region that it intends to reach. Ensuring your business directly benefits from the translations service.

There we have it! Those are the 5 key steps to finding the BEST translations provider. We hope they will help settle any nerves around choosing yours. Which step have you found the most useful?

Take a minute to check out Global Translations UK, we pride ourselves on having an outstanding translation service. You can find further information HERE on our website to see for yourself!

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